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San Francisco Feis 2002


U-11 Open
1-Evan Trudell, Murphy
2-Olivia Griffin, Boyle

U-13 Open
1- Alexandra Siega, Donny Golden
2- Jackie Flynn, Healy
3- Jennifer Carey, Murphy
4- Megan Tobin, Whelan,
5- Laura Holford, Kennelly

U9 Prelim
1-Lindsay Allen, Whelan
2-Haley Tobin, Whelan
3-Caileen Viehwig, Whelan
4-Catherine Carey, Murphy

U10 Prelim (partial)
l. Maggie Gworky-Whelan
2. James Mac Sweeney-Whelan
3. ?
4. ?
5. Elena Granadino-Kennelly

U11 Open (Already listed on your site)
1-Evan Trudell-Murphy
2-Olivia Griffin-Boyle

Prelim 12 year old
1-Mckynzi Smith - Comerford
2-Kate Lindsey - Golden-Greene
3-___________ - Healy
4-Bridget Blackwell - Golden-Greene
4-Erin Spiers - Murphy
6-Colleen Tiernan - Boyle

U-13 Open (Already listed on your site)
1-Alexandra Siega-Donny Golden
2-Jackie Flynn-Healy
3-Jennifer Carey-Murphy
4- Megan Tobin-Whelan
5-Laura Holford-Kennelly

U14 Prelim***
5th Kathleen Driscoll- ??
(See below ... this conflicts with what was listed in response to the U14 &
U15 Prelims) (I trust this single result more than the questionable one below)

U15 Open
1st Sinead Doherty - Murphy School
2nd Aislin Roche - Kennelly School
3rd (tie)Tommy Holford - Kennelly
Ashley Ward - Boyle
4th Caitlin Meaney - Bracken School
5th Finleigh McCormack- ???
Treble Reel
1st Caitlin Meaney- Bracken
2nd Aislin Roche - Kennelly
3rd Tommy Holford - Kennelly

U-17 Open (Already listed on your site - not TR though)
1st Olivia Flynn - Gavan
2nd-Grace Powers - Kennelly
3rd-Megan Anderson - Healy
4th- Tara Walsh - Murphy
Treble Reel
1-Grace, 2-Tara, 3-Olivia

Open 17-18
1st Sean Collins - ?
2nd(tie) Amy Young - ?
Melissa Trudell - ?
3rd Jenna Kerr - ?
4th Maria Robinson - ?
Treble Reel
Sean Collins, Melissa Trudell, Amy Young

19&O Prelim
1st Eileen Mize-McBride
2nd Emily Parker- Kennelly
3rd Courtney Catelli - Comerford
4th Nicole Atwood - ?
Treble Reel
1st Nicole Atwood
2nd Emily Parker
3rd Courtney Catelli
4th ??

19& Over - Don't know if this is Open champs or if the post was just
congratulating a group from a particular school
Chloe Bergman
Catherine Knight
Caroline King
Jasmine Anderson