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Feis & Championships Results

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*Sources: Compilations from Message Board Postings, Feis committees and individual submissions.

Major Championships

The Worlds
World Championships 2002
World Championships 1997
World Championships 1996

The All Irelands
All Irelands 2002

The Great Britains

Munster 2002

The North American

North American National Championships 2001 (Toronto)

North American National Championships 2000 (San Francisco)


Eastern Region Oireachtas

Eastern Region Oireachtas 2001

New England Oireachtas

New England Oireachtas 2001

Midwest Oireachtas

Midwest Oireachtas 2001

Southern Oireachtas

Southern Region Oireachtas 2001

Southern Region Oireachtas 2000

Southern Region Oireachtas 1999

Western Oireachtas

Western Region Oireachtas 2001

Eastern Canada Oireachtas

Eastern Canadian Region Oireachtas 2001

Eastern Canada Oireachtas 2000

Eastern Canada Oireachtas 1999

Feis Results



New Orleans

Feis in the Desert

Shamrock Feis

Nashville Feis

Sunshine Feis

Edmonton Feis

St. Louis Feis

Albuquerque Feis

Feis Na Nallog

San Francisco Feis

Mary Woodgate Feis

Inishfree Feis

Garden State Feis

Texas State Championships

Lenihan Spring Feis

Comerford Seattle Feis

Horgan Feis

Siobhan Moore Feis

Connecticut State Feis

Central New York Feis

Feis Caledonia

Granite State Feis

Western Conn. State Feis

Little Rock Feis

Forest City Feis

Denver Feis

Feis Oilean an Iarthair-Victoria

Sheahan-Gormley Feis

Silicon Valley Feis

Feis Montreal

Mulvihill/Lynch Feis

Peach State Feis

Capital Feis

Emerald Assoc. of Putnam County

Akron AOH Feis

Memphis Feis

WestCoast Feis

Comhaltas Irish Dance Festival

Greater Cleveland Feis

Feis Scoil Ard Na Greine

Detroit International Feis

Greater Buffalo Feis

Greene O'Leary Madden

Hartford Feis

Berkshire Hills Feis

Etobicoke Feis

Oregon State Champship Feis

Patricia Murphy School Feis

Southern Classic Feis

Western Mass. Feis Irish Heritage Feis MA Pikes Peak Feis


Feis An Fhomhair

Houston Feis

Culkin Feis

Richmond Feis

Ireland/Great Britain:

McGahan Open Feis 2002

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