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Garden State Feis
Sponsored by the Marie Moore School
Feb 2002

Note: These results do not show all placements.


Prelim U8


Prelim U9


Prelim U10


Prelim U11


Prelim U12
1-Jacqueline Pergola - Davis
2-Brigid Wixted - Coyle
3-Caitlin O'Connell - Ryan
4-Claire Borzner - M. Moore
5-Maddie Byrnes - Donnelly
6-Samantha Merritt - Kelly
7-Allison Duignan - Powell-King
8-Colleen Rennie - Ryan
9-Elizabeth Arrington - Ryan
10-Ryan McCombe - Pike
11-Caitlin Meenan - Schade
13-Moriah Baxevane-Connell - Gallagher
14-Meghan Mary Simmons - M. Moore
15-Bridget King - Ryan
16-Ellish Shaffer - Coyle
17-Christopher Anderson - O'Keefe
18-Meghan Munnelly - Davis
20-Billy Keller - McLoughlin
21-Heather DeBenedetto - Gallagher
22-Mark Zalesi - DeNogla
23-Brittany Kelly - Coyle
24T-Caitlin Falla - Pender

Prelim U13

First place: Lindsey DeLeo - Pender
Second place: Jillian Sir - Broesler
Third place: Erin Ott - ?

Prelim U14


Prelim 16 and Over (missing everything but top 3 most placements)
1 -Christina Dolzall (Gray)
2- Laura Marino (Marie Moore)
3- Tara McGlone (Prendergast)

Open U10


Open U12


Open u/14
1-Kaitlin West- McLoughlin
2-Kerri Smith-DeNogla
3-Katie Linnane-Verlin
4-Sinead Mallon-DeNogla
5-Meg Driscoll-Shea-Jennings
6-Victoria Greenan-McLoughlin
8-Libby Bliss-DeNogla

Open U/16
1- Kiera Maguire- McLoughlin
2- Maura Kirk- Ryan
there were more...

Open U/18
1-Lily Wilson-McGinley
2-Christine Maguire-McLoughlin
3-Molly McDermott- Moore
4-Lauren McCormick-DeNogla
5-Molly Curran-Ryan
7-Elizabeth Newman-Moore

*Sources: Compilations from Message Board Postings, and individual submissions.