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Feis Na Nallog Westbury NY

Feb 16, 2002

Note: These results do not show all placements.

Open Championship U9
1 Taylor Kerrane (Petri)
2 Tara Duggan (Petri)
3 June Rummel (Petri)

Open Championship U11
1 Megan McCardle Mulv-Lynch
2 Brianne Marron Petri
3 Julie McBrien Verlin
4 Cassidy Duggan Petri
5 Alanna Durrand Petri
6 Tara Ruddy Broesler
7 Polina Brown Pender-Keady
8 Maura Reilly Campbell
9 Megan McGovern Petri
10 Meaghan Conway Petri
Andrea Messey?

Open Championship U13
1 Alexander Siega Golden
2 Amanda McHugh Hunt
3 Christina Scibelli Petri
4 Meghan Lucey Pender-Keady
5 Aileen Lavin Petri
6 ?
7 Caitlin Driscoll O'Sullivan
8 Meg Driscoll Shea
9 Julia Webber Broesler
10 Nicole Sassone O'Sullivan
11 Judy Rummell Petri
12T Kerilyn Lopilato Schade
T Caitlin Kelly Broesler
13 Erin Reilly Campbell
14 Melanie Deegan Golden

Open Girls U15
1 Courtney Kelly (Broesler)
2 Shannon Vesik (Petri)
3 Caitlin Ensor (Peter Smith)
4 Theresa Abadessa (Petri)
10 or 11 Amy Webber
12 Cassie Nessavera
Also Placed: Brittany Popkin

Open Girls U17
Leanne Turek-1st
Lexa Hickey-2nd
Kerry Greenburg-3rd
Kaitlin McInnis-4th
Erin Roberts-5th
Tara Kavanaugh-6th
Catherine O'Meara-7th
Noelle Zeilenbach-8th
Elizabeth Fox-9th
Maura Kirk-10th
Keely O'Connor-11th
Caitlin PerLee-12th

Dance Off
Junior: Amanda McHugh (Hunt)
Senior: Shane Kelly (Broesler)

Preliminary Championships U8
1. trent kowalick inishfree
2. ?
3. Megan pendergast Petri
4. Madeline Jacob Campbell
5. Brianna Broesler Broseler
6. Allison Tanner Petri
7. Mary Walsh Inishfree

Preliminary Championships U12
Erin Andersen, Mulvihill Lynch - 1st
Brittany Weber, Hunt - 6th
Kathryn Guarino, Hunt - 7th
Erin Skaalerud, Hunt - 8th
Brigid Wixted (Coyle) - 10th

Caitlin O'Connell, Ryan - 15th
Elizabeth Arrington, Ryan - 22nd

Preliminary Championships U16

1-Kerri Taylor-Schade
2-Aisling Kennedy - Pike
3-Megan Alpert-Schade
4-Megan Cooney-Broesler

Preliminary Championship 16 and Over
1st - Christina Dolzall (Gray)
2nd - Sarah Sheridan (Schade) 3rd - ??
4th - Kaitlin Fannon (Hunt)
(Missing the rest of the placements)

*Sources: Compilations from Message Board Postings, and individual submissions.