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Little Rock Feis
April 27, 2002

Note: These results do not show all placements.

Preliminary Boys and Girls Under 10

1-Sean Keller Cross keys
2-Caitlin Cambell McT
3-Courtney Otiss InishFree

Preliminary Boys and Girls Under 12

1-Rebecca Fredrickson Cross Keys
2-Jason Hayes McT

Preliminary Boys and Girls Under 14


Preliminary Boys and Girls Under 16

1-Sharma Prosser O'Riada
2-Valerie McDonough McCafferty
3-Meghan McMahon Inis Acla
4-Megan Kenny McGing
5-Moira Neet O'Riada


Preliminary Boys and Girls Over 16

1-Sabrina Torres Inis Acla
2-Heidi Schoonover McT
3-Nora Driscoll O'Riada
4-KT Vogler McCafferty

Championship Girls Under 15

1 -Rachel Stegeman McGINTY

Championship Ladies 15 & Older

1-Kelly Gallaher Burk

2-Hailey Beebe O'Riada
3-Emily Fuchs O'Riada
4-Kaitlin Kenny McGing
5-Tara Reid O'Riada

*Sources: Compilations from Message Board Postings, and individual submissions.